Review:Forged in fire, by Trish McCallan

5 out of 5 thrilling stars

“You’re mine,” he said again, his voice flat, yet in that you-just-need-to-be-reasonable-about-this tone that men had been driving women crazy with throughout history.

Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters should be renamed Lieutenant Commander Alpha-Bonded Male! A Navy SEAL with a “special” gift that has saved him and his teammates countless times! Even though he and his team are as hardcore as they get, they never question his abilities.

So it comes as no surprise when a beautiful lady comes to them claiming something bad is going to happen, and they believe her and act upon such an unverifiable info.

The problem is this lady is Zane’s soulmate! Yep, his soulmate, one he recognized even before laying eyes on her. And right in the middle of a high alert situation.

Beth has a normal life, a normal job, a normal everything, so it is a bit strange that she has had an ongoing nightmare for the past three nights on a row. What is even more weirder is that things are starting to unravel just the way she dreamed, from the spilled coffee to the detour right down to the gorgeous hunk of a man she saw gunned down during an airline hijacking in her dreams!

What is a girl to do in a case where apparently she dreamed the future? Well…… she had to do something right? Even though nobody would believe her, right??? right????

This book is a a nonstop action thriller novel.

The SEALS have no time to wait for local law enforcers to arrive on the imminent hijacking of an airplane leaving for Hawaii. So they act based on their training and their current info, while Beth is dragged along because of her involvement and the incredible attraction to LC Zane!!!

The characters are rich and very likeable. Beth is very relatable. And what I like about her is, even though Zane is a bit domineering she never backs down. And contrary to most books where the leading lady decides to be stubborn bordering on stupidity, Beth usually is calm and collected and sees the merit in what the SEALs are telling her. She does have a brain inside that pretty head of hers.

The chemistry between our heroes is undeniable, even though Beth is set on her ways and finds that the bond between them is simply  an idea that Zane has, except she cannot deny all the new feelings and sometimes thought that fleet through her head and are definitely not hers!

“You can fight what’s between us all you want. It won’t change a thing. You’re mine. And sweetheart, you don’t want to bring another guy into this, not unless you want to watch him bleed!

You must know this book doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, but it is definitely part of a series, because the arch of the story is just beginning to unfold.

Definitely a series I plan on reading whole. I can’t wait to read about the other guys on the team, specially Mac!! That book is going to be fun!!!!!


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