Review: Forged in Smoke, by Trish McCallen

Yep! It delivered!!!

The second book in A Red-Hot SEALs Series, that continues with the arch of the story! But focuses mainly on one couple.

<img src=”; width=”650″ height=”150″ alt=”description”/>
<blockquote><p>“I’m still scared shitless. The way I feel about you isn’t rational. It isn’t comfortable. Hell” –his voice deepened in disgust–”it’s not normal.” A peal of laughter erupted from her. Her eyes started to shine. “That’s got to be the most unromantic declaration of love ever.”</p></blockquote>

Lieutenant Marcus “Cosky” Simcosky lives in fear of never returning to his place on the teams because of his bum knee. A knee that hasn’t recovered, and in fact looks and feels worse instead of better.

Add to that, there seems to be a crazy lady intent on killing him, by any means necessary, gun, car, knife…..

His new roommate Aiden, suggests he visits his sister Kait so she can give him a massage, like the one she gave him when his spine was busted and he turned out alright.
The problem with this is the last time he just brushed with her, she became the sole existence in his mind, something akin to obsession, the star of all his fantasies and dreams. What would happen if she actually touched him, maintained a conversation with him???

Kait, is part Arapaho, and has a certain, shall we say, gift? She can heal with her hands. So when Aiden reaches out to her on behalf of Cosky, she reluctantly accepts.

Reluctantly is the key word here. Ever since their brush in the hospital with his brother, she can’t seem to get him out or her head. Can she keep it together enough to finish a massage without embarrassing or making a fool of herself?

The chemistry between them can’t be denied. They are explosive together. But the timing isn’t right, besides crazy lady, the SEALs are being set up to take the fall for something they did not do. So what are they to do?
<p><img src=”; width=”320″ height=”240″ alt=”description”/></p>
<blockquote><p>”And if she was going to love a special operator, it was damn well going to be him</p></blockquote>

The book is fast paced, and the characters are well written. The story continues from book one, and will keep going on book three and hopefully on book four (keeping my fingers crossed that it’s the one about Mac!!!!) So it is not a stand alone book.

The relationship that builds between Cosky and Kait, as well as the other characters in the book is fast, but that does not mean that is not profound. The secondary characters that support this story are great. We revisit some old friends, and meet new ones.

I read book three first, but it definitely helps if you read them in order.


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