Review: A promise of fire, by Amanda Bouchet

This is a Gem in the Fantasy romance category!!!!!

I was not prepared for one of the best books I’ve read this year! This book has it all. Great spunky, charming, heartwarming characters.
My face couldn’t keep up with my smiling all the time!! Seriously, I was like the Cheshire cat!!

It is very well written, and the characters are complex, and very well developed, but above all the story line is fantastic.

Cat: A Faisan, born with magic and a prophecy of destruction in her head,she has never known the meaning of family, except for torture, has managed to remain anonymous for eight years, blending with the circus where she has finally managed to be part of a “ loving family”.

That is until a certain Warlord decides she need to come with him and his companions.


I hate him. I really do. Sort of. Not really, Gods! I’m such a mess!

Bound by a magic rope that ties her to him, she cannot go more than four feet from him, not even to bathe… but she has her aces up her sleeve!!!

Beta Sinta, the second in command form the southern region is the one calling all the shots, a non magic person that managed to defeat the magic royals, and install her sister on the throne.. But he knows he needs more than brute strength and intelligence to keep the realm, hence the search for the soothsayer!

Their journey together through the lands in the hopes of reaching Sinta without killing each other, is a travel full of discoveries, for all of the involved, and a new form of family starts to build for Cat.

I hate them all. Well, maybe not the girls. Or the parents. Or anyone, really. Gods! What is wrong with me?

But her past is trying to catch up with her, and her secrets might be the undoing of the budding romance that is happening. Can love surpas her past, can Beta Sinta see beyond what Cat is
And see the real her? And after finding out who and what she is, can they have a real future together?…..They can try!! (inside joke!!)

The secondary Characters are a whoot! Each individual that comes into play adds a little bit more to the story, compleats it, and are part of many funny moments in the book. You end up loving all the characters, and hating the bad ones!!!

“How’s Griffin?” Flynn asks. I roll my eyes. “How should I know?” They burst out laughing, and I scowl. “ Fine. Smug and self-satisfied, as usual.”

This is the first book of a trilogy, a trilogy I will definitely read, that is already marked on my calendar!!!!

I’m telling you, if you like romance, adventure and a little bit of magic (or a lot), then DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK!!!!!!`

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I was given this ARC by Netgalley in an exchange of an honest review.


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