Review: Forbidden by Katrina Snow

Forbidden   5 out of 5 magical stars

A fantastical, and magical romance! Full of Magik, spontaneity, quick wit and humor.

Who knew genies do exists, and in the form of an alluring young woman??

What’s the problem you say? Well imagine being robbed of your life or being used solely for the purpose of somebody else’s gain.


Well lady Katherine Durant is exactly that. A Genie in the making. She has magik that she will bind so she won’t be discovered and traced by her awful uncle, and flees for the ninth time in hopes of escaping her new found fate! She will belong to a master!!! A master that can turn invisible, that can make her do anything he wants. But the ceremony while binding isn’t yet complete.

Fleeing is her only hope, but to where? So she turned to a cousin for help, and ends up becoming her cousin’s hand maid. As Kate, a maiden full of spunk, quick wit, and snarky humor.

“Would you like to know why as well, Kate?” “ Of course,” she said with batting eyelashes and a honey-sweet tone. “Please pontificate.”

Their set their course to the competition for the hand of the prince!!

And well, here we find another lovely character!!! Bregovi!!!


A complete jokester with a heart of gold. The bandit prince, who has to marry accordingly, and was entered by his father in a bid for his hand. Turns out all he ever needed was the love, humor and intelligence in a maiden that was not supposed to love him back.

Falling in love has never been this fun, or this perilous. And can Kate keep the love of her life after he knows the truth?

Romance flows from the pages!! I read it in almost one sitting!

Katrina Snow will transport you to a time full of wonder, and magic, balls, and beautiful dresses. Definitely a book to read, and there is a little teaser at the end hinting that there will be more to come. If there are, I will definitely read them!

It very well written an excellent debut book!

I was given this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

To buy the book, click here:

Katrina’s website:


2 thoughts on “Review: Forbidden by Katrina Snow

  1. Hi Ingrid, Thanks so much for giving Forbidden such a fabulous review. I’m delighted that you enjoyed it so much. Oh, and I love your picture choices as well, especially Bregovi’s. 😉 Thanks again!


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