Review: Tailored for trouble by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff


I gave it 5 out of 5 stars!!

As always Mimi can make you laugh AND want to throw your book out the window at the same time….

Looved this book.  It has a lot of angst,  there were time, where I just wanted to Not read the book,  not knowing what would happen,  or actually thinking what would happen,  and then PLOT Twist!!!  Not what I expected.

If has its serious funny moments,  as in laugh out loud moments,  because Mimi Jean sure knows how to write quirky characters with quick wit and humor.

The hero in this book is the classic Alpha Male,  set in his ways,  since it’s his way or the highway.  Domineering,  controlling,  handsome, with very high standards for him and those who surround him.  But Bennett is a whole other person once you get to know the real him.

Ms. Reed is unaware that once she meets Bennett she’ll go through a whole process of getting to know herself,  and reevaluating her whole life and her views on people.

I had a not so easy time liking Taylor,  because I felt her a little stiff,  but in the end you really like her.  Bennett on the other hand I liked him since the first time he appeared.

You also have some second characters that really make the whole book come together nicely. Bennett’s mom is very sweet and foul mouthed,  so she is a  whoot !!!  And of course Mrs.  Lucy that we know from the previous book.  But don’t worry if you didn’t read it.  This can be read as a stand alone.

All in all,  this  book is a very funny and tender book that I definitely recommend!!!!

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There is an ongoing summer reading promo  at Mimi’s page: Go check it out!!

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