Review: Wondefully Wicked, by C.J Burright

wonderfully wicked

4 out of 5 dreamy stars!!

Well…color me black!! This book sank its claws on me and wouldn’t let me go!

It’s a new premise of a book. One I haven’t read before. It involves dreams!!!! And the way CJ Burright managed to weave reality and fiction, along with the dream state was wonderful.

The book is fast paced and with good characters.

It’s a kaleidoscopic book!!! Sometimes you are up and in the next blink you are down. You are in dreamland and suddenly back in reality

Trust felt like being naked at the beach. No protection, completely vulnerable to sand, sun, and the occasional seagull droppings. Total suck potential….Kalilia Montmomery

All Kalila Montgomery wanted was to have a normal life, to be able to sleep without her nightmares, but not just normal nightmares, but once that can come to life that can hurt the people around her.

Being an orphan and passed from house to house, knowing an attack can come at any moment, she learned to defend herself, against those who would harm her, and of never being afraid, never letting her come to life nightmares get her.

Little did she know that her knight in shining armor would come clad in black, could turn into any of her nightmaress, and with the promise of death on his eyes.

The Black, as his peers call him, is the baddest of the bad. One rung lower that The White. His job is to bring back a dreamcaster so they can extract her nightmares.

There was just one small problem…. She summoned him, and suddenly his bleak life came awake, and he found himself looking to the future with something akin to hope. But how to help Kalila and still keep on living??

“Something wicked this way comes?” “From every direction, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

The banter between the main characters is funny, charged, and complicated.

Definitely a series that I’d like to keep reading!

Why the 4 stars? Well, there are parts where I had to reread the chapter because suddenly I was lost, I kind of lost track of where the action was taking place, or though I’d skipped some part because thing didn’t add up, I think the author’s imagination was charging ahead while her writing was trotting behind. And couldn’t quite project what her mind was showing her. But on her defence I think is a very complicated reality in her book.

All in all, I liked the book.

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