Review: Beautifully Burned, by C.J Burright

5 out ot 5 stars

Gripping, funny and with it’s I-want-to-throw-the-book-but-can’t-really-let-it-go moments!

C.J Burright managed to weave dreams and reality again, chilling us with her nightmarish characters, but binding us with the love and strength of her characters.

Things just turned worse for the characters but it definitely turned for the better for us readers!!! We can even learn new words… like… Fanflippintabulous!!!!


This is the second book in The dreamcaster series. And if you haven’t read the first one, it’s no deal breaker, but I strongly suggest you read the first one in order to really understand the subtleties and the characters that make this book great.

Here we have Ella, a young woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders. The owner of a bar, that is trying to stay afloat, and the care of her catatonic sister.

She tries real hard to keep up with everything and on top of that she has nightmares that won’t let her have a restful sleep, reliving the inferno and death of her grandmother, and making her afraid of fire. Still she makes the better of what she has.

Except suddenly she is yanked from the life she knows and is being taken somewhere by a guy she doesn’t even know, and really why trust him only because he stopped her heart when she first saw him? And there is this regular customer, a regular who suddenly morphed into a stranger, and apparently a deadly one.

With no one to trust, who can she turn to? She still has to take care of her sister, and the bar.


The Blue, a broken husk of a man, except for the bond with Kalila that brings him a little piece of peace, he is learning to live anew. But now he has to help and protect a dreamcaster that apparently is his. But to claim his dreamcaster, she has to claim him back, and to do so, he has to sever his bond with Kalila…sever the bond that brought him to life.. Will he be able to do it?

All the while he need to learn to control his feelings, which he didn’t know he was capable of having, and dodge an invisible assassin.

Can they find the courage to confide and trust that the other one will not betray them?

We see recurring characters like The Black, Kalilia, and Mel, and also The White and Alun , a character that brings a spark of fun and joy for this book.
I love that some of the character are not perfect, that Kalila still has her sourly disposition. That The Black is still a nightmarish guy, only tamed by his dreamcaster.

And now we have a hint of what is to come!! We have a new enemy but we also have a new story that I cannot wait to read!!

Definitely a series that I’ll keep reading!! And that I recommend!!

I was given this ARC via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review

To preorder this book click here:

This is my reviw for the first book: Review: Wondefully Wicked, by C.J Burright


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