Review: Destined for a King, by Ashlyn Macnamara

Destined for a King

4 out of  5 star!!!!


This is the beginning of a great series. I think there is so much this books can offer.

The stress and the angst that go hand in hand with the battle and the Taking of a Keep, with coming face to face with the apparent love of your life, the mate you are supposed to be with. The claiming of something you lost as a child but now you are taking back as man.
But above all the claiming of your own true self!!!


Josse Vandal, the true name of Torch the rightful heir to the throne, usurped by another, the mere name of him is considered treason so now he is left as an outlaw, but this man has grand plans to retake what is his.

In his quest, he comes to take Blackbriar Keep, but finds himself face to face with the same girl he’s dreamed of for many years and has come to claim her as his… hoping against hope that she will accept him as he is.

Calista, the daughter of Belwin Thorne, the warden of Blackbriar Keep, was always “destined for a King”. And that is what was accorded between her father and the King. Except they didn’t anticipate that Torch would take the Keep, and try to wed Calista.

Calista is a beautiful young lady, that despite what life throws at her, she makes the better of the situation. She finds herself suddenly divided between what she knew to be right, and what she was trained to think, versus what she is seeing now, and especially what she is feeling at the moment.

But once she makes up her mind, she follow through with a clear mind and a straight back!

I really liked the book, it has very a good plot line. The only thing that makes this book a 4 star instead of the 5 star, is, that the love between the characters comes too quickly, too easily for my liking.

But the strength of character and loyalty that our heroine displays, is what makes this book great.

It helps that Torch is a highly likeable alpha, that has the love and loyalty of his followers. And even though he has a horrible reputations, Calista is smart enough to have and make her own opinions of the man in front of her.

All in all this is a series that I do plan on reading whole. I can’t wait for Torch to meet face to face with the usurper, and for Calista to be the queen!!

I recieved this ARC via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

To Preorder the book :
This is the authors page:



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