The right kind of guy, by Kerry Leigh

Love is a Gamble…


A What Happens in Vegas Romance
Kerri-Leigh Grady
Releasing Oct 17th, 2016
Entangled Lovestruck
novelist Kelsey Spencer doesn’t believe in love, and she’s tired of faking her
way through happily ever afters. Determined to change things up, she heads to
the Las Vegas Romance Lovers Convention. But somewhere between half-naked cover
models and hot Navy SEALs, Kelsey’s plans derail…
Especially once she meets über-fan Jasmine Grant…and Jasmine’s über-hot
alphahole brother, Aaron.

Buttoned-up Aaron Grant never thought he’d find himself at a romance
convention, but here he is, trying to convince his impulsive sister not to
marry a beefcake cover model. His only hope is to enlist the aid of the cynical
(and sexy) romance writer his sister worships.

After a sweltering jaunt around Vegas, some strange conference hijinks, and one
outrageous proposal, Kelsey and Aaron are left questioning everything they know
about romance and love…and if falling in love might just be worth the gamble.

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My review:
4 out of 5 funny stars!!!!

I definitely liked the book, and the characters, and the chemistry, and the theme, and the second characters, and…. Did I mention I liked the book???

This is a feel good, have fun, read with a cup of coffee and relax type of book.

I read it in less than 24 hours!! This is the kind of book I love to read in between series. It is not very heavy but not all fluff, it has the right amount of angst and a lot of fun, it’s very well written, and it keeps your interest until the very end.

Kelsey Spencer is kind of a hypocrite, imagine writing romance novels, and not really believing a word you write. She just doesn’t believe in love at first sight, or on grand gestures, there are no heroes of romance in real life, If you want a marriage that works, better marry your best friend. But alas, she finds herself in a romance book convention, signing books and putting a happy face, that is  until Jazmine enters in her life, like a whirlwind that brought and dropped her gorgeous brother on her lap

Aaron Grant has been protecting his little sister all her life, she’s had some wild antics, and thanks to him, she has been spared of a lot of problems. He sees it as his responsibility, and between his sister, a domineering father, work, he really doesn’t have the time or the humor, to delve on a personal relationship.

He is attending the Romance Conventions, simply because that is where Jasmine is going, and he finds himself enlisting the help of a beautiful author so she can talk some sense to his sister, and here enters romance author Kelsey, and suddenly his world and views are turned upside down.

The characters have chemistry in abundance, and the heat is contagious. They are very well written, and you end up loving the secondary characters, in this instance, Jasmine.  It is definitely as advertised, it’s a ROM-COM!!!!

Grady firmly believes every solid relationship is built on laughter. And sometimes vodka. She holds an MFA from Seton Hill University and a BS in
computer science, so she’s a kind of half-artsy, half-nerdy ball of nervous
twitching. She has an unnatural love of dark humor, gadgets, chickpeas, BJJ,
terrible acrylic landscape painting, half-assed jewelry design, Perl
programming (get off her lawn, haters), Red Sonja (done Gail
Simone-style), and planners. This week, she lives in Hawaii. Go ahead–cry tears
of pity for her. She’ll wait.


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