Review for CARNAL OBSESSION by Reily Garrett

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As all of the books by Reily, this book has you by the hairs!!!

I’ve come to expect good things from this author, and it does not disappoint. This book grabs you right from the start and simply won’t let go…. Life, house, kids and chores be damned!! lol!


“You are mine for all time, against any that would stands against us.””I’ve always been yours.”

This is part of the Carnal Series,the 4th book in fact, but you could easily read it as a stand alone, because the characters are very well developed, and the story follow its own unique line. There are some references and of course cameos of characters from the past novels that only enrich the world Reily is building, but it will not take away anything from this story.

Conner, the older brother of the Crofton family, the owner of Ambrosia, a BDSM club and a bachelor has carried his family and his family’s safety with him , and has some issues with feeling that he has not done a good job, so when a shadow from the past emerges he sees it as an opportunity to try and mend things.

Kendra, the little sister of one of the closest friend of the Croftons finds herself for the last three years completely alone and unprotected. Living in the streets, playing in a band that has merely enough to get by, until she needs something from the Croftons.

“Yes. Yes. i’ve always loved you, you big oaf. Took you long enough to realize it.”

Suddenly they are thrown into something nobody know what it is, because the last thing Billy (Kendras brother and the Croftons friend) did was send Kendra something that has put her life on the line. Now with thugs following her, she finds herself falling in the security of Conner, and he finds himself falling for Kendra. The problem is that he is much older than her, and he keeps reminding himself that she is the LITTLE sister of his friend.


“I love you, sweetheart.Nothing will ever change that.” “I’ve always loved you, Conner. You just never saw it, never saw me.” Even when I was half-naked.

They need to overcome the troubles that arise with what Billy sent, and with the feelings of betrayal, and new found love if they plan on keeping each other.

Of course the sibling rivalry and the roasting and ribbing is so funny! You end up wanting to be part of that family!!! Including the dogs (they were in another story, but I’ve loved them since)

The characters are well written and have a lot of depth, and the love, restraint, the integrity of the main characters is very endearing.

As I stated before, I really like the way Garrett writes, I love her books and their HEA….

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I was given this book by the author in exchange of an honest review.


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