Review: Releasing the demons, by L.D. Rose



Review 4.5 stars

Wow!! Scorching book!!

This is the first book for the series The order of the Senary, and it is placed in a world where vampires are the dominating race, and the humans that are caught are considered nothing more than cattle for food.

During the day, the humans are able to go about their business, while at night the vampires come out and play.

But there is a third “kind”…. The hybrids. There are not a lot of them, because they were exterminated, but the few that remain are known as the Knight family.

In this book you get to know Blaze.
The name is not by chance, because the hybrids have half DNA from humans, and half from vampires, they got special traits, and Balaze’s trait is fire.

He is a very tortured guy who was held captive by the vampires for many months, and left him very scarred, not only on the outside but on the inside as well.

We also get to know Valerie, a NYPD detective, a very smart (sometimes smart ass), very grounded and tough woman. Who had the misfortune of having seen the way her sister had died at the hands of vampires, so she grew up and became a cop, then a detective so she could help those who have no one to speak up for themselves.

She is on the trail of a brutal murder, and the suspect she is following matches the description to a T, except there are thing that does not check out, and she is no dumb lady, so she follows her instincts and ends up partnering with her prime suspect.

For me, a book that unravels in my mind like a movie is priceless… and this book made me forget I had my own life and my own reality. There was a moment after a very dramatic scene that I had to put the book down, breath and unclench my shoulders, my arms and my legs!!! I was so tight!!!!!

As you can guess, I really liked the book! It took me a little to get into the story because L. D. Rose had to paint the world, but once the story starts to unravel, everything moves quickly and flawlessly!

It really is very well written, on both points of view. The tension is palpable and the chemistry is on fire.
I will definitely start the second book as of right now!!

I was given this book, by the author in exchange for an honest review.

To buy the book Click here

This is the authors page:LD Rose



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