Review: BLACK BULLET, by L.D. Rose



A must read if you like dark, paranormal, on the edge of your seat romance with a great cast of characters!!!!

This is the second book in the Senery series.. It can be read as a stand alone but I really recommend reading it in order.

Jonathan James Kerr, US Marine Corp… ended up dead…. or as a vampire but with a conscience and a soul.

The only weapon the humans have against the growing vampire population is one they don’t even know it exists. The one family that can actually compete against the vampires are hybrids. Half human, half vampire. And their mission is to rid the world of the vampire population. The Knight family.

Jonathan isn’t exactly family, but he was a very good friend before becoming a vampire, and now, he is a weapon for the Knights, a friend, a brother in arms. But he is tortured because of the beast inside of him, because maybe it would’ve been better for everyone if he had died.

During one hunt at night, John is suddenly surrounded by vampires, and in the mix of all the chaos there is a woman that entered the fray, unfortunately, she wants to kill him.

And what is so special about her??? She is a Hybrid… The Knights didn’t know she existed! Or did they?

Lawana, has had to face the world alone, having escaped what she believed to be certain death,only to be tortured, used and abused within an inch of her life by vampires. Her only resolve and motive to keep on living is to hunt down all the vampires or die trying. An in the meantime, drown her sorrows in alcohol.

That is until she meets a very special, very soulful vampire, that even though he has black eyes, they are not empty, they show emotion, conscience… but how can that be? She has been deceived before, she will not fall for it again!

They are irrevocably drawn together, one wanting to avoid at all costs the vampire with a conscience, and the other trying to get close to the only human that can actually make him come out of his depression.

Can they overcome their distrust, and learn to love and rely on each other even after all the bad things that has happened to them?

As I said it in my last review, L.D. Rose has that ability to play a movie inside your mind, her descriptions very well elaborated, with no fluff that makes your mind wander.

The story is dark and gripping, and harrowing at times, and you end up wondering if it will ever get better, if they’ll be able to surpass their obstacles… but in the end, I know it sounds cheese but LOVE CONQUERS ALL.

I love the curvballs that L.D. Rose throws, (******spoiler alert**** if you do not want to read skip to the last paragragh******) when Lawana is kidnapped by the big bad vampire, and John goes after her like a bat out of hell, and suddenly crashes with the ambulance…. Well that scene was amazing in my head.. And you guess that he will get to her in time… and noooooooooo!!!!! I will not say any more, but wholly molly, I love it when you can surprise me.

So… in conclusion…READ THE BOOK.!!! I simply cannot wait for the next one!!!!

Even though I loved the book, and I do plan to keep on reading, there is just one little detail, very personal if you will, that made some noise in my head… there are some references to God, or religious artifacts that made me squirm in my seat, even though I’m not a religious fanatic. its just a little FYI.

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I was given the book by the author in exchange of an honest review.


If you want to read my review for the first book


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