Review: Bending Fate, by Reily Garrett



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And say hello to Dani…. Again!!!!

OK, so this time we meet Dani earlier than last time. And we get to know the great lengths at which she goes to protect someone she has never even known.

We get an inkling of what she is feeling, and her special abilities.

Dani faces mother nature, and a snipper to meet face to face a contact that can help Callie, because she is in danger again.

She may very well blow her cover and put her life on the line, but what is a girl to do, when she can save a life of another one that has a DNA anomaly like she does?

It is a short read, but it definitely lets you get to know the writing style of Raily Garrett. Since I really like her books, I was happy with this short story.

If you haven’t read the books in this series, you’ll probably get a little lost, but it will definitely make you want to read the books!!!

I recieved the book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review

To buy the book click here


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