Review: Ray of Light, by E. L. Todd

My rating:  2 stars.ray-of-light

Well, I don’t know exactly how to say this, because I kind of liked the characters, but not some relationships, there are some things missing, but it has its moments.. Hmmmm maybe I should start from the beginning, right???

The main character or heroine is Rae, and she is a very independent, smart woman with a very good heart. She is letting her broke brother crash at her place for free.

And this is where the troubles start for me. The relationship between her and Rex (the brother) is not a nice one. For one, they have no respect for one and other. They talk so horribly at each other. An I have some serious issues with him and his little to no gratitude to his sister for letting him stay with her.

But the thing is, that even though they “hate each other” they got each other’s back. That I do like. Family first and always. But as you go through the book, and get a feel of the characters it simply does not click. They are portrayed as very caring and honest…. I don’t know, it did not convince me.

Then we have the Brother, rude, sloppy, pig, ungrateful child…. Yes I know he did her a very big solid when she was still a teenager, but… really??

The second characters are all good, they have a lot of fun together.

The book is told by Rae an Rex. And it revolves around her decision to date Ryker , and the decision to help Rex get back on his feet.

The chemistry between Rae and Ryker is good, but I did not get into the sexy scenes., they sounded to me like a listing of thing they were doing, I think I need more cadence, you know?

Another problem I saw with the book, is that the whole book is the stage for the next one, there is no angst, no climax, just a series of events.

OK I know I just stated the bads, now on the goods:
it has its moments, and the friendship between the gang its really cool and the way they ended the book makes you want to read the second book just so you know what happens. Rae has a very cool job, since she is a researcher for a recycling company.

I feel the premise of the book is good, and maybe the second book gets better.

I was given the book by the author in exchange of an honest review.

To buy the book click here


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