Review: 10 club, by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff



Wooooooow this book gave me whiplash!!!

We have been following  the story of Mia and King for a while now,  so as you can see this is not a stand alone book.  And you definitely need to read the other books in this series to understand all of what happens in this grand finale.

This series has been a roller coaster,  but this book especially is  angst topped with more anguish and  a little bit of anger in there.

Mia being a seer travels back in time to where King was still human,  where he was still king of his people to try and save Teddy,  her children a and herself.  The problem is that in this time,  he doesn’t know her,  doesn’t even like her.  She has to convince him of her story,  which sounds more and more crazy by the minute,  and in the midst of all this she still has to mount him,  mount the life the had and deal with a 3 month old child and a new pregnancy.

But this time around Mia has grown a set of iron balls,  a steel back that not even King can break.

But will she ever get her happily ever after,  will she be able to defeat 10 club,  o will she be hunted for all time,  and still lose the love of her life?

The only glitch I have with this book is the end…  lol.

BIG SPOILER AHEAD!!!!!  If you do not want to know any more skip ahead….

I have very mixed feelings and not all of them good,  about the ending..  We all understand  that King had to go through a lot to become the man Mia loved,  and he had a dark side, if I may say it,  a manageable dark side,  but when all is done,  and Mia fins herself in her time with King as her husband I felt extremely happy only to find out that King is keeping a side if himself,  a very big and important part,  a secret from Mia.  And above all he still keeps Hague with him…  I felt so betrayed for Mia.  I could not enjoy their happily ever after,  because it was a mirage..

OTHER THAN THAT,  I love the way Mimi’s mind works…  so much twists and turns,  and totally unrealistic things that she can weave and make it sound possible!

I know I’m I’m a little biased because she is one of my favorite  authors, but I seriously love her books.
So go…. Go and buy the book!!!

To buy Click Here


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