Review: AWAKENING by Tiera Rice


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It has a very interesting story line, with an original plot. The story is told on two points of view of the same person   in different  ages…. Sounds confusing!?? Well just a little and only in the beginning. So let’s start there.


We have two heroines, different dates, 1480 and today. The story is told alternating dates and heroines.


In 1480 we have a princes vampyre aware of who she is and of her powers, as her place in the world, on the other hand we have a present day we have a just turned 19 year old girl just awakening  into who she really is.


The story really is interesting, but the dynamics on the present day did nothing for me. While in 1480 the princess Anastasia is a strong willed fun woman with a purpose, her story is clear and interesting, with Nadia on the present day it’s just the narrative of her day and what she did.


While Anastasia is constantly educated to fully become who she is supposed to be, she lives a full life. And Nadia, sadly only knows she comes from a line of witches. So while she is going through her awakening, she knows nothing, and is reluctant to ask her mother. So we have a blundering naive girl thinking she is going crazy, and suddenly finding out she can fight, and has superhuman strength oh and by the way she also drinks blood.


Anastasia knows perfectly well who her enemies are, well… ok, not perfectly because we do get a little surprise almost at the end, but Nadia suddenly is accossed by who now who, and finds herself having visions, that look a lot like memories instead of visions.


So as you can see, the story is really interesting, I will definitely read the second book, because it part of a series, This first book is where all the bases are set, and the pieces start to move. So I’m very interested in reading the next book ant to see where all is going to end.



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