Review: SAVING MERCY, by Abbie Roads




5 stars

Dark, gritty, terrifying, angst supreme and excruciatingly tender!!


An I-can’t-put-down-but-really-can’t-continue-because-I’m-terrified-kind-of-book!! Impossible choices… Mind conditioning…. My heart raced and my eyes almost popped out one or two times!!!

This book is full of OMGs, and WTH kind of moments with twists and turns that you never see coming. You really get blindsided at times, but the thing is, all the while, there is tenderness, and love, and affection and so many bittersweet moments, and not to spoil it but our heroes get their happily ever after!!!

Our heros here are Cain Killian and Mercy Ledger, two persons that really got the short end of the stick in life.

Cain is the son of a very well known serial killer, really a monster that had done the most horrible things to his own son, somethings he even blocked out.

“Give him fear. Give him fuzzy-assed unicorns that shit glitter and gold_ just don’t give him sympathy.”

Thanks to the unusual and horrendous childhood, he has a very unique gift that he uses to capture the bad guys, he drenches himself in the blood of the victims to get snapshots of the way the killings happened, for a brief moment in his mind, he becomes the killer. That way he has become one of the best profilers for the FBI.

Mercy Ledger, the lone survivor of Killion, having to live with the trauma of witnessing the murder of her family was also changed, she had a sixth sense about the intention of the people around her.

She is suddenly thrown in the loony bin for no apparent reason for two years, and freed by Cain, and the connection that they felt towards each other for a long time, suddenly flourishes.

Both characters are so strong, have been hurt so much, but they are relentless in trying to live a normal life, to see the good the world has to offer. They are the reflection of who we are and what the world wants us to be.

They are two tortured souls, each needing the other one to feel whole while trying to protect them, and the only way they knew how, was being apart.

“It was the price of loss. A price she had paid twenty years ago. A price he was paying now. His sadness was her sadness. His shame was her shame. They were united in shared hurt- had been from the beginning.”

The second characters are well built, and you don’t know until the end if they are good, or bad, and the ending…. I did not see that one coming!!!!

And as always Abbi definitely knows how to keep you hooked…. There is a loose thread in the story, I’m not going to tell, but I’m guessing this is the next book!

A book worth reading, and a series that I’ll follow.

Expected publication is the 4th of April 2017

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