Review: BLACK BULLET, by L.D. Rose



A must read if you like dark, paranormal, on the edge of your seat romance with a great cast of characters!!!!

This is the second book in the Senery series.. It can be read as a stand alone but I really recommend reading it in order.

Jonathan James Kerr, US Marine Corp… ended up dead…. or as a vampire but with a conscience and a soul.

The only weapon the humans have against the growing vampire population is one they don’t even know it exists. The one family that can actually compete against the vampires are hybrids. Half human, half vampire. And their mission is to rid the world of the vampire population. The Knight family.

Jonathan isn’t exactly family, but he was a very good friend before becoming a vampire, and now, he is a weapon for the Knights, a friend, a brother in arms. But he is tortured because of the beast inside of him, because maybe it would’ve been better for everyone if he had died.

During one hunt at night, John is suddenly surrounded by vampires, and in the mix of all the chaos there is a woman that entered the fray, unfortunately, she wants to kill him.

And what is so special about her??? She is a Hybrid… The Knights didn’t know she existed! Or did they?

Lawana, has had to face the world alone, having escaped what she believed to be certain death,only to be tortured, used and abused within an inch of her life by vampires. Her only resolve and motive to keep on living is to hunt down all the vampires or die trying. An in the meantime, drown her sorrows in alcohol.

That is until she meets a very special, very soulful vampire, that even though he has black eyes, they are not empty, they show emotion, conscience… but how can that be? She has been deceived before, she will not fall for it again!

They are irrevocably drawn together, one wanting to avoid at all costs the vampire with a conscience, and the other trying to get close to the only human that can actually make him come out of his depression.

Can they overcome their distrust, and learn to love and rely on each other even after all the bad things that has happened to them?

As I said it in my last review, L.D. Rose has that ability to play a movie inside your mind, her descriptions very well elaborated, with no fluff that makes your mind wander.

The story is dark and gripping, and harrowing at times, and you end up wondering if it will ever get better, if they’ll be able to surpass their obstacles… but in the end, I know it sounds cheese but LOVE CONQUERS ALL.

I love the curvballs that L.D. Rose throws, (******spoiler alert**** if you do not want to read skip to the last paragragh******) when Lawana is kidnapped by the big bad vampire, and John goes after her like a bat out of hell, and suddenly crashes with the ambulance…. Well that scene was amazing in my head.. And you guess that he will get to her in time… and noooooooooo!!!!! I will not say any more, but wholly molly, I love it when you can surprise me.

So… in conclusion…READ THE BOOK.!!! I simply cannot wait for the next one!!!!

Even though I loved the book, and I do plan to keep on reading, there is just one little detail, very personal if you will, that made some noise in my head… there are some references to God, or religious artifacts that made me squirm in my seat, even though I’m not a religious fanatic. its just a little FYI.

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I was given the book by the author in exchange of an honest review.


If you want to read my review for the first book


Review: Releasing the demons, by L.D. Rose



Review 4.5 stars

Wow!! Scorching book!!

This is the first book for the series The order of the Senary, and it is placed in a world where vampires are the dominating race, and the humans that are caught are considered nothing more than cattle for food.

During the day, the humans are able to go about their business, while at night the vampires come out and play.

But there is a third “kind”…. The hybrids. There are not a lot of them, because they were exterminated, but the few that remain are known as the Knight family.

In this book you get to know Blaze.
The name is not by chance, because the hybrids have half DNA from humans, and half from vampires, they got special traits, and Balaze’s trait is fire.

He is a very tortured guy who was held captive by the vampires for many months, and left him very scarred, not only on the outside but on the inside as well.

We also get to know Valerie, a NYPD detective, a very smart (sometimes smart ass), very grounded and tough woman. Who had the misfortune of having seen the way her sister had died at the hands of vampires, so she grew up and became a cop, then a detective so she could help those who have no one to speak up for themselves.

She is on the trail of a brutal murder, and the suspect she is following matches the description to a T, except there are thing that does not check out, and she is no dumb lady, so she follows her instincts and ends up partnering with her prime suspect.

For me, a book that unravels in my mind like a movie is priceless… and this book made me forget I had my own life and my own reality. There was a moment after a very dramatic scene that I had to put the book down, breath and unclench my shoulders, my arms and my legs!!! I was so tight!!!!!

As you can guess, I really liked the book! It took me a little to get into the story because L. D. Rose had to paint the world, but once the story starts to unravel, everything moves quickly and flawlessly!

It really is very well written, on both points of view. The tension is palpable and the chemistry is on fire.
I will definitely start the second book as of right now!!

I was given this book, by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Releas Blast for AIR, by L.B. Gilbert

L.B. Gilbert
(The Elementals #2)
Publication date: November 28th 2016
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal

Despite being the junior Elemental, Logan’s never had to worry about failing a mission before. Not until an overgrown and annoyingly attractive shifter comes along.

Being an Elemental is in Logan’s blood. Hers is the gift of Air, a vast power she’s still struggling to control. Then a Were named Connell hunts her down. His wolf is missing, and he blames her.

A den of werewolves is the last place Logan wants to be. The testosterone alone is enough to make her choke. But she has a mystery to solve. She will find out who is stealing wolves even if kills her.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the enemy has planned…

Book 1: Fire

Book 2: Air, Available November 28th

Book 3: Water, Coming Soon

Goodreads / Amazon


Connell tried to drag the Elemental toward him, but she didn’t budge. Instead, she glanced at his hands. For a second, he could have sworn amusement flashed across her face. Then she was gone—wind whipping him in the face so hard it stung.


He turned around in a circle, scanning the air and the land around him. God, he couldn’t lose her now. He needed to get his wolf back. Not having the extra other in his head was tearing him apart. The empty space inside him was like a crawling emptiness. Sometimes, it was in his head. Other times, it was in his heart.

I can’t believe I lost her. He’d had her in his hands, and then poof. At this

point, she could be anywhere. A strangled sigh escaped from deep in his chest. It sounded pathetic and broken, even to him. He checked the house to make sure she wasn’t there, and then he walked back out to his rented jeep. Damn it, he was going to have to start tracking her all over again.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

Stunned, Connell tripped. Pivoting on his heel, he turned to see the sprite standing on a huge boulder in the distance. He was so damn surprised to see her that he lost his tongue. He just stared at her like an idiot.

Apparently, she agreed. “I can’t keep calling you tall, dark, and stupid, now can I? Whatisyourname?” she repeated, over- enunciating each word.

He was too relieved to get upset over the fact she was talking to him as if he were slow. “Connell Maitland.”

The imp turned away and started addressing the air around her, “He says he’s one of the Maitlands. American accent, so one of the Colorado ones. Yeah. It’s severe. I haven’t seen anything like it. It’s like his wolf was torn out of him somehow. He thinks we did it. Hold on a sec—” Her words broke off as Connell started to run toward her.

A gust of strong air slammed him down to the ground before he cleared the rise.

“Stay there,” the sprite ordered in a glacial tone.

Frigid as the wind, he thought as he regained his footing. Hell, everything about her should be ice-cold. Instead, he felt like he was burning up around her. It was disconcerting. So was the hard edge in her voice. That kind of steel shouldn’t be coming out of such a tiny, doll-like girl.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s fine. He’s on a leash,” the imp said a touch smugly.

Connell growled low in his throat. At least that hadn’t changed. Prey the world over would still react instinctively in fear at that sound.

But the imp didn’t even blink. And she had heard him. She just hadn’t cared. She kept on talking like some gossipy housewife on the phone. Except she was addressing no one.

“Who the bloody hell are you talking to? Invisible fairies? Can anyone even hear you?” he asked incredulously.

Author Bio:

USA Today bestselling author L.B. Gilbert spent years getting degrees from the most prestigious universities in America, including a PhD that she is not using at all. She moved to France for work and found love. She’s married now and living in Toulouse with one adorable half-french baby.

She has always enjoyed reading books as far from her reality as possible but eventually the voices in her head told her to write her own. And so far the voices are enjoying them. You can check out the geeky things she likes on twitter @elementalauthor, facebook, or

*If you like a little more steam with your Fire, check out the author’s Lucy Leroux titles*

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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The trouble with Ghosts, by A.L. Kessler

The Trouble With Ghosts
A.L. Kessler
Publication date: November 7th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

Poltergeists, severed thumbs, and lies…

PIB agents Abigail Collins and Nick Averin are rattled when a handful of severed thumbs are found at an abandoned house, but neither of them expected it to link to a decades old murder with strange ties to the paranormal world. When Abby’s greatest enemy seems to be helping her from afar, it’s clear that there’s more to this case than the duo first believed.

Past cases come back to life…

Levi is avoiding questions and being even more vague than normal when a new vampire comes to town claiming to be on the case involving blood starved vampires. It’s a fight against time and lies for the two agents.

Goodreads / Amazon


“I’ll give you a lift.” Mason glanced at me. “And you can fill me in on everything I’ve missed.”

I nodded. “Deal. I want to walk around the house first and see if I can find anything else that indicates where the basements or the entrances were.” I looked at the crumpled papers in my hand. “There’s something about this house that isn’t right.”

“You mean other than the multiple ghosts?” Mason shook his head. “Have you heard anything back on the thumbs?”

“Nope, I think our lab and system are still back logged.” I looked over at the group getting back to work searching for bones. “I think this case takes the cake for strangest one in a while.”

“We have multiple crimes, and PIB has nothing to go off of. Should you call back up in?” He glanced at me.

I knew what he meant, I didn’t meet his gaze. “Maybe. It’s possible my contact could shed some light on one of the biggest mysteries so far in this house.” I pressed my lips together. “Assuming all my contacts synced to my new phone, I can call him today. I don’t know if he’s in town, but the number he gave me is a U.S. number, not an international one.”


“Meaning, he’s not in Egypt where the Cult’s base is.” I started walking towards my car.

Mason walked with me. “And just where do you think you’re going?”

“To get my bag out of the wreckage. It currently has everything I own in it. I’d like to keep it.”

Mason walked with me in silence until we finally reached the car. We both slid down into the small crater towards the crunched up mess. My gaze went over the twisted metal and the shattered glass. Gray showed through where the paint had been scrapped off by debris and being banged into things. The wheels stuck up in the air reminding me of a helpless turtle that’d been flipped over. Mason was the one who finally reached in the car and pulled out my bag.

I shook off the glass that I could and wondered how much more I was going to be able to take. The meltdown last night had helped, but I hadn’t expected it to be followed up by my car being destroyed. “I’m going to need a new bag, nothing clings to fabric like auto glass.”

“Throw it in my truck for now and let’s walk the perimeter of the house.” He motioned back to the house and I stopped for a moment to take in the full picture of the house. It looked like any other farmhouse, with bits and pieces on the outside that didn’t match up due to add-ons as time went by. From this distance it didn’t look like it had a basement anywhere, but the codes were different then. Massive windows wouldn’t have been required, just small ones. Ones that could easily be boarded up and sealed.

“Come on, Abby.” Mason called over his shoulder, pulling me out of my zone. I trudged back to the house and threw my bag in the back of his truck. Mason met me by one of the corners by the house. “Ready?”

I nodded and started walking slowly along the edge of the house. Cracks marred part of the foundation, moving in a spider web pattern up to the siding. I took another step and the world rushed by me. Air flew over me as I fell and my body hit the ground.

“Aw fuck!” I sat up and flexed my fingers and wrists to make sure nothing broke. Stretched my arms and then slowly stood and looked up. I was going to feel the bruises tomorrow, but right now I was happy that nothing was broken from the eight foot fall.

“Abby?” Mason’s voice called down the small hole I’d made. “You okay?”

“Nothing’s broken, but toss me a flash light and watch your step.” I called back up. The stream of sunlight that came through the hole barely touched anything where I was. I batted dirt off my body, hoping no creepy crawler had decided to stick to me. I heard him calling out to people above me.

“Help’s on the way. Flash light coming down.” Mason dropped a flashlight in the hole. It landed with a thunk by my foot and I bent down to pick it up. I clicked it on and swallowed a scream.


Author Bio:

A.L. Kessler is a paranormal romance author residing in beautiful Colorado Springs, Co. Since she was a teenager she has loved spinning tales. She can easily be won over with gifts of coffee or chocolate.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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Iniquity, by Melody Winter… tour and review.

Melody Winter
(Ascent, #1)
Publication date: October 25th 2016
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Romance

Athena Harrow is about to turn twenty-one, but there will be no celebration. What is there to celebrate when the world is ruled by demons?

She hates the darkness the demons brought with them and longs for the light to return to the world—a world she only vaguely remembers. The people in her forest village blindly accept the life the demons forced upon them, even tolerating the yearly ascension ceremony where all the girls who have turned twenty-one are either sent away to serve the Master Demon or left in the village and forced to procreate.

But Paymon, the assigned village demon, selects a different role for Athena, a role that pits her against the village. While she adapts to her new life, Erebus, a younger, more powerful demon, arrives, and Athena must play a dangerous game with his emotions in return for information about the demon’s reign of darkness.

As Athena’s dreams of restoring the light begin to fade, her life with Erebus takes an unexpected turn, and this time it’s her life being put to the test.

Set in the forest around Buttercrambe in North Yorkshire, England, INIQUITY explores the frightening, darker side of romance and the uncontrolled emotions it can unleash.

My Review!!!

Can you really love a Demon? Can you enjoy a life of imprisonment? Can you move on from the only family and town you’ve known your whole life?

Suddenly these are the questions Athena faces when she is selected by the Town’s Demon to be his wife. Unfortunately she has no say in the situation, and every single person that knew her, suddenly turned her back on her…. What was she supposed to do?

Paymon, the Town’s Demon, decided that Athena, instead of going as a wife for the Master, would be his wife, and did everything in his power to make a nice and acceptable marriage for Athena. One they eventually started to feel comfortable in.. but then Paymon dies!!!!

In comes Erebus.. A much younger, crueler and cynical Demon. And claims Athena for himself.

Athena is a very strong and sharp minded woman, that even though the demons scare her, she will not bow down to anyone. During the most of the book she has her goals set straight and she fights for them in any way she is capable of. I  really like her, and like the way her mind works. By the end of the book, she is so stubborn, she doesn’t know what she has in front of her, and you really want to strangle her.

Erebus is a very powerful demon,  who suddenly found himself with a town, a house and the need to claim a wife. He is sarcastic, acerbic humor, a and belittles Athena every chance he gets. But as the book goes on, he starts to show a different person, a different side of himself, one that Athena can’t see.

The book has adventure, magic, romance, and the chemistry between the characters was exhilarating.

This is the first book of the The ascent series.

I really loved the story, it is very well written, and Melody Winter, definitely has created a very different world. A Dystopian, cruel, and under the thumb of demons kind of world. This is the first book of Melody that I have read, and I am ready to read more. Bring on the second book please!!!

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Author Bio:

Growing up, Melody showed a natural ability in art, a head for maths, and a tendency to write too long English essays. Difficult to place in the world when she graduated, she pursued a career in teaching, but ended up working in finance. Melody is convinced the methodical times she spends working with numbers fuel her desire to drift into dream worlds and write about the illusory characters in her head.

Melody Winter lives in York, North Yorkshire, England with her husband and two sons. When not dealing with football, rugby, and a whole plethora of ‘boy’ activities, she will be found scribbling notes for her stories, or preparing for another trip to the nearby beaches at Scarborough and Whitby. With an obsession for anything mythical, Melody revels in reading and writing about such creatures.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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Review: Willem by Victoria Danonn

willem I gave it 2 out of 5 stars

Unfortunately, this book did not tickle my fancy.


First off I’d like to say that I loved The Black Swan series, and I loved the Exile series, so I was really looking forward to this new series.


But this book has none of the appeal the others have.


Willem is an out of work actor, that has devoted 10 years of his life to try and get a role, but doesn’t seem to get anywhere. So he decides to drop the acting gig and find a new form of living. By chance a stranger gives him a card to call.


He ends up calling the card and entering a competition in which he has no idea what is the price.

The price is a Witch with whom to make a life with.


This book is definitely a love story, but it’s  rushed. It is written in first person, told by Willem. But I did not feel any emotional connection with any of the characters. Seemed like a recount of the story, and even though there are dialogs, it still feels just like a one dimensional story.


The characters are very simple. The story line is also simple, even though it could’ve been very intriguing. And nothing happens until the very end.


The reasons for Willem to leave are completely stupid, and the forgiveness given in the end is very anticlimactic.


And in the end, there are a lot of questions left unresolved. Even though they can be explained through magic, it still leaves you wondering.

I sincerely hope the series picks up, I will read the second book in hopes of a better story, since I really love the way the other books are written, but I’m not making any promises about this series.

Click the link to buy the book: